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Due to poor management, Yuka's husband's company had to be sold to Ozawa, her husband's close friend. Ozawa also asked Yuka's husband to continue as the company's representative, and Yuka came to work as his secretary. Because of its antiquity, even though a long time has passed, the company still does not bring results. Her husband and Ozawa's relationship became increasingly poor. He even shook the relationship between husband and wife. Not letting this opportunity slip, Ozawa rushed forward and took the place in Yuka's heart. And from then on, Ozawa and Yuka's relationship grew closer and closer. He can freely fuck her anytime he wants. Even though her husband was right in front of her, Yuka still happily knelt at Ozawa's feet and sucked his cock, begging to be fucked. Her entire body was filled with Ozawa's "liquid", unable to accept any other man, even her husband. On Yuka's birthday, her husband prepared a party to thank her for working hard for him. But he didn't expect that his wife was at the hotel, happily serving his best friend, happy to be conceived by him and able to give birth to his child...

 Movie Code: JUQ-093 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yuka Tada